Business process reengineering (BPR)


Why Reengineering? 


So, we all thought that Information Technology would resolve all the world’s  problems. Yet, COVID-19 has proven to everybody,  that it takes more than just data, computers, iPads  and associated Artificial Intelligence to manage  the ‘changing  world’ that we live in.


The expression ‘a changing world’  has  now moved from a dispensable cliché  to a forced reality – our organisational future cannot remain dependent  on organic change, taking its  own  speed and course. We have just had a disruptive  change (COVID19) and hence we need to respond with an equally disruptive  reaction – we need to reengineer whatever we have been doing.


Simply put – no process within an organisation can remain as it was pre-COVID. It has to be reengineered. We need to create  our new normal from scratch.  But be clever enough  to create  a new normal  that will be fully suitable  to today’s reality and challenges whilst at the same time, be better, be leaner, be more effective and above all, be more profitable than it ever was in the past.


Re-engineering implies changing the way we work by creating disruptive and  out-of-the box  solutions to the way the organisation currently operates. This will be done in  such a way that the organisation  can, in the immediate,  in the short term, in the  medium term  and in the long term, change the way it operates internally and the way it relates to its clients and its suppliers such that the new normal achieves better business  results  and interested party  satisfaction,  when compared to the pre-COVID19 world.


Business Process Reengineering is the way forward


Does a company have the wherewithal to carry out re-engineering within its  organisation? The answer is possibly no,  because above anything else,  employees or management are fully taken up with the hour-to-hour or day-to-day pressures to run the business back into profitability  , after the COVID debacle, This  will not allow any of them to  dedicate  the right amount of time, focus  and  attention to carry reengineering effectively and efficiently to see quick results. Also, too often, issues of inefficiencies  and  impracticality  or activities  that are useless but are still carried out, are obvious  to identify for an outsider with a keen eye but for which employees and business owners are oblivious to – we have always done it this way! 


Rreengineering involves looking ‘surgically’ and  ‘coldly’ at every process and sub-process that your business  carries out, on a minute-to-minute, or hour-to-hour basis, and questioning its real need, its real effectiveness and seeing what value is it adding to the business. If it does not give any value, then eliminate it. If it does give value, keep it, but modify it enough, such that you carry it out smarter, with less effort and with less cost and with better benefits.


It also involves identifying all the interrupts (all the aspects and issues, from the simplest to the most complex, that interrupt  the normal course  of work of any employee which is not part of the reason why he/she was  employed  in the first place).


Once a clear picture of the As-Is situation of the all the business processes is obtained, then the changes are carried out to reach immediate, short term, medium term  and long-term benefits. This progresses to start creating a Could-Be and Should-Be scenario.  With the appropriate management coaching the implementation phase commences, where together we will put to action all the changes identified. The sooner this is done, the quicker the benefits will be obtained and experienced.


As of yesterday, the Maltese Government also acknowledged the criticality of businesses re-engineering and will be providing up to €5,000 for every business, allowing them to embark on a reengineering exercise with professional companies. 


Tuning Fork Advisory has been providing Business Process Reengineering for the past twenty years and in the face of the current realities we are more than ever eager to assist in this journey. Speak to us for a no-obligation review to identify a be-spoke solution that meets your business needs, while benefitting from the Government support measures.




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