Competence Training

What is competence training?

competencyNot just a fancy word. Following the rigorous intellectual spirit of the Academy (Akademeia) founded by Plato in Ancient Greece, competence training challenges the conventional notion of training within the workplace.

It might be a fact commonly concealed in the professional closet, but if you mention the word “training” you can be certain that it will be met with indifference – or even strike a note of dread – among workers. And it is no wonder! Most training programmes on the market are a one-size-fits-all product. While they may have good intentions, the two golden goals of training often are not reached:

• Gaining new knowledge, expertise or insight
• Applying it in the right context to improve performance

This is what good training should accomplish and what competence training is all about.

How can your organization benefit?

Inspired by the legacy of Western wisdom, our courses offer personalized solutions that go straight to the heart of the matter, identifying the real weaknesses in the individual or team and meeting the organization’s needs and goals.

Instead of draining your company’s training budget on sessions that do not deliver measurable results, Tuning Fork’s courses are conceived to add true value to your investment in training. Forget past paradigms; we focus exclusively on bridging gaps in competence and promoting the growth of your team as a whole.

Our courses are designed to build your team players’ key skills and extend the reach of their knowledge and competence across critical areas. Our training engages employees on both a personal level and as a team level. With this approach, our trainees can immediately grasp their potential for continuous improvement and apply the newly acquired skills and competences in their workplace and share them with their teams.

What sort of training does Tuning Fork offer?

As part of our mission to better the professional world with our brand of competence training, we offer two different categories of courses:

• 100% bespoke training solutions designed entirely around your organization’s requirements
• A schedule of accredited and non-accredited public courses ranging from foundation to advanced knowledge in ISO standards

Public Courses

Here are some of the more popular standards we provide training for:

1. Quality Management (QMS)
2. Environmental Management (EMS)
3. Occupational Health & Safety (OHSMS)
4. Automotive
5. Medical Devices
6. Laboratory and Pharmaceutical
7. Energy Management and Auditing (REWS approved)
8. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
9. British Retail Consortium (BRC)
10. Food Safety Management

This is a brief list among many other statutory standards imposed by laws and norms regulating each different industry. If you do not specifically see what you’re looking for, contact us and we will give you all the information you need.

These competence training programmes are created in-house by Tuning Fork to cater for a wide variety of industries. You can qualify and certify your staff in any of these sectors, leaving all the minutiae of the training to us.

Our range of IRCA Accredited programmes is delivered in Malta in conjunction with our partners SAI Global, a world-leading authority on compliance and risk management. The expertise of our experienced IRCA-approved tutors and practitioners in their respective fields, ensures that you benefit from the highest level of training available.

Tuning Fork is also the only approved training provider for REWS Energy Manager and Energy Auditor courses in line with LN 196/2014, transposing the energy efficiency Directive 2009/27/EU.

Bespoke Training

trainingTuning Fork truly shines when it comes to designing custom training programmes and courses for its clients. We have an excellent track record in closely matching and exceeding our clients’ objectives by instigating the positive change that increased competences bring to the organization.

Whether you are concerned about your company’s cultural well-being or simply want to improve your departments’ overall competency and efficiency, we can tailor the best solution for you. Out with the classroom blues, in with the professional development!

We are constantly introducing new seminars in response to the evolving needs of businesses. Our objective is to enable management and CEOs, or anyone aspiring to deepen their competence, to improve acquire or develop advanced soft skills and create strategic pathways to success. Tuning Fork seminars cover a series of inspirational topics, brought to life and made accessible to a diverse audience by respected leaders in their fields.

Leadership and Management Development

This category of courses is our most extensive and features a comprehensive arc of issues and developments affecting the contemporary workplace:

Blockchain Masterclass for Business Leaders


A full-day induction to the ground-breaking world of crypto and blockchain for entrepreneurs, managers and forward-thinking professionals with a stake in this blooming technology, or anyone who wants to take early advantage of the vast business opportunities created by blockchain.

Learn more here.

Materials Management

A 9-hour course covering concepts and best practices in the management of materials. Includes techniques involved in ensuring minimal waste production and the necessary approach needed to address such resources.

Learn more here.

Introduction to Managing People Essentials

managing people

A soft skills 101 for managers in people-intensive roles, this course teaches professionals how to handle people well in the workplace and foster winning teams.

Learn more here.

Train the Trainer (MQF Level 4)

Conceived as a seamless channel from seasoned to would-be trainers, this course imparts the skills needed to deliver exceptional training sessions. Focusing especially on delivery, this competence training is also useful for existing trainers who want to sharpen their presence.

Learn more here.

Practical Sales Management Workshop


A short, hands-on, creative class for sales professionals looking to add that extra oomph to their performance and tackle sales problems outside the box.

Learn more here.

Conflict Management


Learn how to manage and resolve sensitive issues and conflicts in the workplace in the right way for all stakeholders. This course addresses work environment dynamics and how these can be moderated to ensure a healthy and productive atmosphere, even in difficult contexts.

Learn more here.

Performance Management

A course designed for performance managers to implement tools and a working culture centered around high employee performance and engagement. Includes competence training for conducting effective performance reviews.

Learn more here.

Introduction to Diagnostic Practice for Performance

A 6-hour course intended to immerse participants into the concept of using diagnostic practice to boost work performance and results, in addition to using positive attainment as a springboard for future achievements.

Learn more here.

Introduction to Work Psychology

Participants attending this course will learn the underlying social psychology of actions and interactions occurring in the workplace, significantly improving management and leadership skills in a complex range of situations.

Learn more here.

Health and Safety

An overview of our courses geared towards higher-level practices in the health and safety sector:

ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management System Awareness

A half-day workshop equipping participants with advanced information and interpretation of the requirements of the new health & safety standard and how this will impact their organization’s occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS).

Learn more here.

ISO 45001 Health & Safety Lead Auditor Course

This five-day highly interactive CQI and IRCA Certified Lead Auditor training course will enable you to understand the new international occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) standard ISO 45001:2018. You will learn how you can utilise the new standard to understand, manage and maintain internal and external Health and Safety Management duties and performance obligations.  With knowledge and understanding of ISO 45001:2018 you can evaluate your own organisation’s arrangements against OHS commitments and how they can be improved.

Learn more here.

ISO 45001 Lead Auditor Migration from OHSAS 18001

This a 2 day CQI and IRCA certified training course provides Lead Auditors certified under the previous 198001 standard to upgrade and gain the 45001:2018 qualification. The course is intended to enable participants working with an existing occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) based on the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard to plan the migration of their system to the new international OHSMS standard.

Learn more here.

Human Resource Management

Our cornerstone human resource management course targeting important current trends:

Strategies for Retaining IT Employees and Minimising Turnover

A 4-hour masterclass to train managers in incentivizing key IT staff to remain loyal to the company and maintain and develop these people assets for longevity and organizational success.

Learn more here.



Here’s a closer look at our most popular environmental awareness and competency course:

ISO 14001:2015 Organisational Transition

An 8-hour course bringing attendees up to date with the changes outlined in ISO 14001:2015 and how these affect their organization’s environmental management system. The implementation time-frame and impact on current certifications are also included. This is essential for organisations which have not yet updated their EMS to the latest standard to remain compliant within the 2018 deadline.

Learn more here.

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