Conflict Management

About this Course

Course Outline

+ - Introduction

This course has been designed to introduce the participant to the concept of Conflict Management to help improve work environment to ensure conflicts are recognised and effort done to solve them in the right way.


+ - Who Should Attend?

This course is suited for any professional who has a managing or supervisory role as well as for those who are interested in Conflict Management as a management skill for future management and supervisory roles they will occupy.

+ - Course Objectives

In today’s complex and diverse workplace, Conflict Management is an essential skill for business success. This course takes a look at Conflict Management in the context of today’s challenges. It focuses on various forms of conflict and different styles of tackling it. It will focus on the business case of having a harmonious work place.

+ - Course Content

Topics covered in this short course include:


  • Understand Conflict and its different forms
  • Become more aware of conflict styles
  • Recognize best uses of each conflict style
  • Discussion – typical issues found at work
  • Build skills for reaching effective solutions
  • Creating an effective environment through mutual understanding


The course will provide the participants with insights on various forms of conflicts and styles to tackle them. It will provide them with an opportunity to discuss various issues found at the place of work and the skills needed to reach resolution and understanding.

+ - Course Fees & Registration

The fee is €205 + VAT per person.

The fee includes all course notes and study materials, refreshments and certificate of attendance.

Course fees are payable on registration by internet banking or cheque. Bookings are accepted a first-come first-served basis. Places are limited for quality assurance purposes according to the requirements of each course. To register or request information send an email to or call 99377934. Or you may prefer to register online.

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+ - Course Tutors

Our course tutor is an experienced HR Manager, Corporate Trainer and Work Coach. The sessions will be interactive and participants will be encouraged to discuss personal experiences on the topics and ask questions related to specific situations.

Course Details


6 Hours


Tuesday – Wednesday


17.30 till 20.30


25 April 2017


26 April 2017


  • Delegate Manual
  • Course Handouts and Materials
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Refreshments daily

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