Introduction to Work Psychology

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Course Outline

+ - Introduction

This course has been designed to develop the participant’s understanding of the employee and the psychology behind the actions that occur at the place of work. It will help improve the management and leadership skills of the participant by highlighting key areas to look out for when managing and leading employees.

+ - Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to understand human behaviour in the workplace. It will help all managers and supervisors as well as those aspiring for a people management position to get an insight into the importance of understanding people elements when it comes to effective management and leadership of individuals and teams.

+ - Course Objectives

This short course will help the participant understand what goes on ‘beyond the surface’ and gain an insight into why employees react the way they do and how this insight can be used for effective people management to ensure the workplace is a positive one.

+ - Course Content

Topics covered in this short course include:

  • The role of Psychology in Management
  • Managing Individuals – Differences and Diversity
  • Managing Teams – Group Behaviour
  • Approaches to Work Motivation and Satisfaction
  • Psychology and Leadership
  • Learning and Development
  • Managing Stress and Wellbeing at Work
  • Understanding Organisational Change


Participants will have the opportunity to gain insights into the human elements of management and leadership and how they can apply and understand psychology in the workplace to improve their skills, create better work environments, attract the best employees and gain improved levels of engagement among their employees.


+ - Course Fees & Registration

Fee: €175 + VAT. The fee includes a refreshments each day, all course material, and Certificate.

You may proceed to register by completing and submitting the Booking Form or request a registration form by email to: or call 99377934.

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+ - Course Tutors

Our course leaders are qualified Human Resources practitioners and have a track record in training and competence improvement of human resources. They have extensive knowledge across a wide range of sectors and adopt a practical and hands on approach to managing HR assets and soft skills development as well as mentoring and coaching.

Course Details


6 Hours


Tuesday, Wednesday


17.30 till 20.30


4 April 2017


5 April 2017


  • Delegate Manual
  • Course Handouts and Materials
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Refreshments daily

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