Materials Management

About this Course

Course Outline

+ - Introduction

The design of the course is made to expose the participants to the concepts of materials management and the necessary approach needed to address such resources. It will help the participants to understand the techniques involved, ensuring that materials are managed in the most effective way to eliminate waste in the process

+ - Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for all those who are involved directly in the material handling process of any organisation, that is, from the moment materials are planned, then ordered, purchased, received stored and reissued. All those who are involved at any point in this process will benefit from the content and knowledge gained during the course.

+ - Course Objectives

This short course will introduce the concepts of Materials Management to the participant and give an overview of the process such as the purchasing cycle and Inventory Management that can be adopted to ensure such resources are handled in the right way, eliminating unnecessary cost and time wastage usage.

+ - Course Content

Topics covered in this short course include:

  • Function of Material Management
  • Objectives of Material Management
  • Purchasing cycle
  • Value Analysis
  • Inventory Management


Participants will have the opportunity to gain information and understanding of the concepts of the process and procedures that need to be in place to improve management of materials from the stage of planning to the final stage of re-issue or use of the same materials.

They will be able to understand the process guidelines to ensure that the handling of material is performed in the most efficient manner. Participants should be able to comprehend the importance, objectivity and benefits of managing materials properly.

+ - Course Fees & Registration

The registration fee includes all course notes and study materials, refreshments and certificate of attendance.

The fee is €205 + VAT per person.

Course fees are payable on registration by internet banking or cheque and bookings are accepted a first-come first-served basis. Places are limited for quality assurance purposes according to the requirements of each course. To register or request information send an email to, or submit a request through our website:

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+ - Course Tutors

Our course tutor is an experienced Chief Operations Officer and tutor. The sessions will be interactive and participants will be encouraged to discuss personal experiences on the topics and ask questions related to specific situations

Course Details


9 Hours


Monday, Wednesday, Friday


08.30 till 12.00


12 February 2018


16 February 2018


  • Delegate Manual
  • Course Handouts and Materials
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Refreshments daily

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