Business Advisory Diagnostics

Dealing with a sluggish, rigid, conservative, depressing, ultimately inefficient organisation? Eradicate the grind and create an organisation that is lean and flexible in structure, efficient and responsive to the market, customer-focused, innovative and attentive to changing market trends, whilst never losing sight of the bottom line.

We can assess your current status quo to identify your bottlenecks and inefficiencies in terms of your strategic direction, operations and human capital. Our diagnosis will identify the root causes of your plights and devise an action plan to instigate breakthrough or incremental change. There is a solution to every problem…let us work together and explore the possibilities.

Strategic Review

Simply put, where do you stand – where do you go from here? There are 3 routes to take – grow, withdraw or do nothing. We will help you decide by understanding your implied or defined vision and mission together with your objectives and strategy. Our involvement will include an assessment and audit of your organisation’s external and internal context, strategic boundary conditions and needs of your stakeholders. We will analyse the strategic resources that make you unique and leverage your capabilities to become better.
We will do this by meeting and challenging your Board of Directors or Senior Management team to understand your line of sight and help you refine your game plan to achieve or enhance your objectives.

Feasibility Study

If you are pursuing a new venture, you need to make sure that the project is feasible in the long term. Go or no go? We will help you come to an objective and sound decision. We do this by considering five areas of feasibility – technical, economic, legal, operational and scheduling. The investigation will result in a decision – to execute or not to execute.

Business Planning

Once an idea makes business sense, it has to be executed. Plan to execute. Your business plan paves the approach to make sure that your idea becomes a reality. At this stage, the business plan should act as your compass to help you navigate through uncharted territory. We will ensure that market strategies, competitive analysis, operations and financial factors are integrated in this study to ensure a robust approach.

Operational Review & Business Process Re-engineering

Your organisation is not about departments – it is about processes as processes are what companies do. Our approach is to expose the invisible processes obscured by organisational structures, systems, fragmented tasks and legacies. We will eradicate conventional departmental names and replace them by business processes that define the beginning and end states. Our aim is to ensure a smooth flow of work and information from your customer to your organisation and back to your customer – the true value of VALUE.
The mapping of the current situation will reveal how your company delivers value and determine the waste that minimise efficiency and internal constraints that undermine effectiveness. Our assessment will result in a fundamental change process to help you provide a better service and deliver value to the customer.

Training Needs Analysis

Your people possess a considerable part of the organisational knowledge. Knowledge is a strategic asset and needs to be preserved. Skills and competences need to be transferred to your employees and new ones engaged.

Based on your organisation’s requirements, we will determine the expected skills and competences and audit your human capital. The resulting gaps will be highlighted so that you can develop your talent via mentoring, coaching and training. Our Competence building arm, AKADEMEIA, can further help you develop that talent.

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