Corporate Governance

Struggling to balance economic, social and individual goals? Corporate governance can help you reconcile the often conflicting demands faced by companies, enhance your company’s effectiveness and ensure long term sustainability and growth.

We will help you evaluate the current state of your corporate governance structure and practices and draft improvement plans to bridge any identified gaps.


Are you aware of Governance Best Practice? Do you know where do you stand in comparison? We will assess your company’s current framework and practices against internationally accepted benchmarks and best practices, to identify corporate governance gaps.


Following the corporate governance diagnostic, we will provide your organization with tailored recommendations to address corporate governance weaknesses, close the identified gaps and improve performance These will include recommendations relating to board practice, internal controls, audit structures, transparency and disclosure, and business ethics.


Once the gaps have been identified and all the variables assessed, we will work together to design, implement and manage a bespoke governance system. This, supported by our coaching and mentoring of the management team, will ultimately improve your company’s bottom line operations as a result of a clear definition of responsibility and accountability across all levels and managerial excellence.

+ - Corporate Governance Consulting

Our Corporate Governance Consulting program is designed to help strengthen your company by developing or improving your corporate governance framework. We will work with you to identify your company’s key strategic drivers and operational processes with the aim of designing the right governance structure that is aligned to company goals, fulfills the requirements of key stakeholders and reduces risk.

+ - Board Evaluation

The Board is often at the center of Corporate Governance and companies need board members who fully understand their responsibilities and challenges.
We carry out Board Evaluations that scrutinize the inner workings of the board of directors. This evaluation is conducted on a confidential basis as sensitive topics such as board composition and structure, procedures, communication, responsibilities, independence, diversity, and succession planning are examined. Thus, establishing practices that is conducive to achieving overall board effectiveness and a strong board commitment to Governance.

+ - Governance in Family Businesses

Many people are under the impression that implementing governance structures in a family business is a paradox of some sorts, even though these types of businesses are key players in the economy. However, corporate governance can significantly benefit a family business through improved performance. In order operate sustainably and grow, some structures and processes need to be put in place and a framework defined to determine how the business will be managed.
We look into aspects relating to:
- Succession plans, as ownership passes on from one generation to the next,
- Defining company structures, and people’s roles and responsibilities
- Conflict Prevention and Management through transparency and fairness
- Performance evaluation, management and value drivers

+ - Tailored Workshops

Help you build your organisation’s competence through a variety of workshops tailored to address the unique needs of your company. Our programs provide a concrete understanding of key aspects relating to corporate governance which will help you manage your company better and improve performance, and cover matters relating to:
- Principles of Good Corporate Governance
- Board Operations and Oversight
- Chain of Command, clarification of authorities, roles and responsibilities
- Purpose and responsibilities of an audit committee
- Risk Mitigation and internal controls
- Crisis Management
- Succession Planning
- Business Ethics and Corporate Culture

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