An AML seminar with a difference – this Masterclass has been designed to develop the participant’s understanding of when and how to undertake and report suspicious activity or transactions. It will guide the participant to better understand the duties, obligation, mitigation of threats and strengthening controls, as well as the use of intelligence when conducting analysis of reason to believe.  Attendees will gain insight on how, when and where to start when faced with possibilities of AML/CFT.  It also gives a better understanding of when the need to raise an alert is founded, to reduce the risk of over reporting.

This seminar is ideal for professionals working in the operational aspect of compliance including, Risk officers, Compliance executives, Fraud analysts, MLRO’s and Customer facing employees.

It deals with key topics comprising transaction monitoring and the investigation of possibility of money laundering – what to look for, identifying the controlling parties and key personnel, the use of intelligence and filtering information, the client’s business, company structure and profiling transaction patterns, identifying the sources of the funds, the flow of funds – consistencies and anomalies, the RED flags – and the development thereof. The course deals with both the theoretical aspect and real life scenarios, as well as group workshops and discussions.

The Masterclass is delivered by Philip Bugeja, an experienced professional who is head of compliance at QGen and a specialist in the prevention of financial crime, bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering and terrorist financing. He was involved with the financial crime unit with a large European bank and served as head of compliance and MLRO for an international law company. He was also briefly involved in the investigations at the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Malta Financial Services Authority.

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