The NEW ISO 45001 OH&S Standard was published at the end of April 2018 replacing the old OHSAS 18001:2007 Standard, which has been due for overhaul and under revision for some time now, and has ultimately been completely replaced with a brand new standard.

As part of our ongoing commitment to business and industry to provide the latest professional training and advisory services, Tuning Fork is proud to be the first to offer IRCA Accredited Courses in the new ISO 45001 standard.

Top of the list is the ISO 45001 Lead Auditor 5-day course and Certificate, which is being held for the first time in Malta, in September, only a few months following formal accreditation by IRCA. Health & Safety Auditors who were OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified, may chose to take the full programme to acquire a full health & safety refresher and training in the new standard. Alternatively they may attend a shorter 2-day Auditor Migration course to upgrade their auditor certificate from the current 18001 to the new standard gaining the ISO 45001 Lead Auditor Certificate.

Other shorter courses being planned are the ISO 45001 Foundation course which is designed to give health & safety officers, managers, champions and corporate decision makers, a good understanding of the benefits of implementing the new 45001 standard in their organisation. Finally, we will also be offering an Organisational Transition course for those who already work with the old standard and wish to acquire knowledge and understanding of the significant changes they will need to implement to update H&S policies and procedures.