Expert Training Courses in MMOG-LE for Manufacturing Industry in Q1 2019 at Tuning Fork.

Materials Management Operations Guidelines – Logistic Evaluation (MMOG-LE), is recognised as a world class tool for identifying weaknesses in supply chain management processes and identifying areas for continual improvement. MMOG-LE is a globally recognised tool for undertaking audits of an organisation’s supply chain management processes. Originally developed in the automotive industry, it is universally used in any manufacturing or supply organisation.

Tuning Fork, in conjunction with Quality Partner (UK) can provide training and an independent assessment service to help organisations undertake audits and identify areas for process improvement.

This course is ideal for industry personnel intending to become involved in the internal audit process for the maintenance and improvement of their Materials Management Operations (logistics processes). Typical roles include Quality Assurance Managers, Logistics and Procurement Managers, Supervisors and internal audit team members.

The trainer is Paul Hardiman, an internationally recognised expert with over 6 years’ experience in training and carrying out assessments in Materials Management Operations Guidelines-Logistic Evaluation (MMOG-LE. He was a member of the Odette work group for developing recognised MMOG-LE training. Paul approved by Odette as an approved MMOG-LE trainer.

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