The next Train the Trainer programme starts 9 October through 13 October over 5 intensive and interactive afternoon sessions of 4 hours each. The course is MQF level 4 rated for a total duration of 20 contact hours.

This is a practical course specifically designed to develop skills and competences of those who are interested to become trainers or need to improve their trainer skills. The workshop style programme will cover the key aspects of the adult learning process, learn about methodologies used to identify individual and organisation’s training needs, design specific training programmes, deliver effective training and evaluate the learning outcomes. The course also provides participants with an opportunity to practise delivering a training session.

This training is aimed at those responsible for the training and development of others within an organisation or training setup: team leaders, managers, supervisors, technical people, as well as business and community leaders (sports coaches, and others employed by NGOs and voluntary organisations).

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The tutor has a Master degree in Training and Human Resources Management and a diploma in Adult Training & Development. He has extensive experience in delivering Train-the-Trainer programmes for leading institutions, organisations and entities in both private enterprise and the public sector.