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TF BitCube enhances software and services using business intelligence concepts. We transform data into strategic intelligence to support your day to day activities and ultimately solidify your decision making.

Using interactive reports and dashboards, business intelligence tools analyse data in real time and strategically represent its findings.

Why Business Intelligence?

There are quintillions of bytes of data generated each day and this rate is only ever-increasing. It was only in the last few years that 90% of the existing data was created.

Such data allows us to build better models, which produce higher precision results. It exploits dormant data and the voice of the consumers to benefit the vision of the company.

Shape your data and outperform your competitors!

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics: Utilising client data to boost businessWe are in an age of data explosion.With the advancement in technology, companies can now harvest a massive cache of data in the most cost-effective manner. Big tech giants like Google, Amazon and Netflix are leaders in the B2C sector thanks to their mastery of analytics knowledge and