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The Blockready cryptocurrencies Masterclass is a comprehensive course that provides a thorough grasp of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This rigorously prepared course is an excellent place to start. It ensures a clear and simple grasp of these cutting-edge technologies as you prepare to prosper in a decentralized future.

This training provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge to recognize available opportunities in the blockchain and crypto industries. We aim to empower you to seize these chances by providing essential insights, whether in the areas of professional growth, personal finance, investment, business, partnerships, entrepreneurship, or any other facet of your life.

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Explore each of these carefully curated course modules to find a glossary of terms, an extensive collection of categorised frequently asked questions, fascinating industry insights, myth busters to dispel common misconceptions, and nuggets of wisdom to help you avoid common pitfalls. We've also included engaging charts, insightful web resources, and hands-on how-to tutorials to help you transform theoretical principles into practical real-world applications.

We've gathered a selection of extra materials to act as your trusted learning partners to help you learn even more. You'll find a wide range of worldwide events and conferences, authoritative industry publications, popular podcasts, and useful whitepapers highlighting the most revolutionary crypto projects in the course resources section. Together, these tools will broaden your awareness and equip you to confidently navigate navigate the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and crypto.

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On registration.


18 hours for all course lessons

6 hours of additional time for the exam, revisions and other resources

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100% fully online, self-paced


Listen only option available

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Multi-devices support - where you can access on your mobile or desktop

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Track your progress and resume where you left off

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This unique course is crafted with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We use cutting edge technology to swiftly and efficiently gather, categorise, and filter an immense volume of information, identifying the most crucial and popular topics for your learning journey By harnessing the power of AI, we have revolutionised the process of creating high quality, up to date, and ever expanding learning content. While our team of experts remains at the forefront of content creation, AI allows us to make quicker, more informed decisions regarding the topics to include, their structure, and the most effective learning formats to enhance your educational experience.


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