About the course

The course is aimed to provide an introductory overview of the concept of trusts and how these are regulated in Malta.

Course Outlines

Who Should Attend?

This is an introductory course for all levels of professionals and their staff working in the financial services sector, specifically targeting those working in the corporate services, legal or accountancy profession and banking or wealth management sector.

The course will help the participant to gain an insight into the world of ‘Trusts’ from a legal perspective, this should help them to distinguish a trust from other similar fiduciary arrangement. It will highlight situations where the implementation of a trust would facilitate a transaction, and it will explore the regulatory and fiscal treatment of trusts in terms of Maltese legislation.

Course Objectives

Participants will gain a solid foundation of Maltese Trust Law and receive updates on latest developments and case-law on the subject. They will acquire an understanding the roles of the persons involved in a Trust as well as learning how to tackle and settle common trust related issues which may arise when dealing with trusts.

Course Content

Topics covered in this short course include:

  • The introduction of Trusts in Malta;
  • What are Trusts?;
  • How trusts are created;
  • Trusts vs other fiduciary arrangements;
  • The roles of different persons involved in a trust, focusing mainly on the Trustees;
  • Using a Private Trust Company;
  • The usage of Letters of Wishes;
  • Important considerations when drafting a Trust Deed;
  • Using trusts in commercial transactions; and
  • The fiscal aspects of trusts

Course Details


4 Hours




13.00 till 17.30






  • Delegate Manual
  • Course Handouts and Materials
  • Certificate of Attendance

The registration fee includes all course notes and study materials, refreshments and certificate of attendance.

The fee is €225 per person not inclusive of VAT.

Course fees are payable on registration by internet banking or cheque and bookings are accepted a first-come first-served basis. Places are limited for quality assurance purposes according to the requirements of each course. To register online visit www.tfork.com or request information by email to training@tfork.com.


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Trust Law Essentials


The course is aimed to provide an introductory overview of the concept of trusts and how these are regulated in Malta.

Course fee: €225 per person + VAT

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