About the course

The PECB Certified ISO 14001 Foundation training course provides fundamental information on environmental management concepts as well as an overview of the ISO 14001 requirements. By taking this training course, you will be able to understand the various aspects of an EMS, such as environmental policy, operational controls, and performance.

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Course Outlines


Up to six months

Learning Objectives

This training course enables you to:

  • Understand the basic environmental management concepts, definitions, and approaches.
  • Get acquainted with the ISO 14001 requirements for an environmental management system.
  • Develop a general understanding of how ISO 14001 requirements could be applied in an organization.

General Information

  • Certification and examination fees are included in the price of the training course.
  • PECB will provide training material of over 200 pages of information and practical examples.
    An attendance record worth 14 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits will be issued to participants who have attended the training course.
  • In case of exam failure, the candidate can retake the exam once for free within 12 months of the initial exam date.

Course Details

Course Agenda 

  • Introduction to environmental management, EMS, and clause 4-6 of ISO 14001
  • Clauses 7-10 of ISO 14001
  • Certification exam


The PECB Certified ISO 14001 Foundation exam fully meets the requirements of the PECB Examination and Certification Program (ECP). It covers the following competency domains:

  • Domain 1: Fundamental principles and concepts of environmental management and environmental management systems.
  • Domain 2: ISO 14001 requirements for an environmental management system – Clauses 4 to 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

  • Managers/consultants seeking to get acquainted with the basic concepts of environmental management.
  • Individuals aiming to transform their organizations into more sustainable and environmentally-conscious entities.
  • Individuals interested in getting acquainted with the main requirements of ISO 14001 for an environmental safety management system.
  • Individuals interested in pursuing a career in environmental management.

What are the Prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.

How does Self-paced training work?

This course is completed entirely online. You will be provided notes and training material and you can study at your own pace and in your own time.

You can begin whenever you choose and have up to 6 months to complete the course.



ISO 14001 Foundation – Self-Study


Become acquainted with the best practices of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) based on ISO 14001

Course Price: €380 (Excl. Vat)