About the course

Tuning Fork Advisory is an authorised reseller of this course which is delivered by the Corporate Governance Institute.

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The Diploma in Corporate Governance is built on best practice global governance principles. This program is designed for existing directors, aspiring directors, senior executives who report to boards and professionals who need to know how boards work.

You will learn, in detail, what directors need to know to have an impact in the boardroom on topics such as:

  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG)
  • How to be an influential non-executive director
  • How to report to boards
  • Developing the culture and ethics of a board
  • Finance, strategy and risk
  • Governance architecture
  • Leadership and board dynamics

You will enhance your performance, learn from experts, qualify with a Diploma and connect with a diverse group of business leaders globally. When you enroll in the Diploma programme, you will also be granted a free membership to the Corporate Governance Institute. With this offer, you will gain access to the latest thinking and developments in governance and be welcomed into a global community of thought leaders.


Course Outlines

Course Modules:

Module 1 Introduction to Corporate Governance
Gain a clear understanding of the world of corporate governance, the principles which underpin it, global trends and the role it plays in contemporary business.

Module 2 Governance Architecture
Learn that the governance structure of every organisation is unique, given its heritage and culture and how to build a best practice governance structure.

Module 3 The Governance Handbook
You will learn about the duties and responsibilities to be a competent director with the appropriate mindset to make a real impact in the boardroom.

Module 4 Corporate Culture
This module explains the importance of aligning the culture of the board with the organisation and its strategy and how to influence company culture.

Module 5 The Company Director
The Board Governance Handbook is the document that defines an organisation roles, policies, procedures and other basic board documentation.

Module 6 Effective Reporting
This module clearly explains, in detail, the information and supporting processes that directors require to perform their role and how they relate to effective reporting.

Module 7 Strategy
This module will help you to understand the tools used, the strategy development and implementation processes and the board’s role.

Module 8 Financial Matters
This module will help to interpret the financial statements that you will have to master as a director and help you ask the right questions.

Module 9 Risk Management
This module ensures that you, as a director, can provide the proper oversight of risk in the organisation and ask intelligent questions.

Module 10 Evaluating performance
This module clearly explains how to initiate and implement evaluations of the board, directors, and CEO on either an internal or external basis.

Module 11 The Non-Executive Director (NED)
This module will help you formulate a systematic approach to your career plan to become or progress as a director or non-executive director.

Examination: Multiple-choice Assessment
Candidates are required to complete three online assessments based on the programme modules. These will take approximately six hours in total.


Course Details

Online Self Study

Perfect for those looking for total flexibility, this option is available 24/7 via our easy to navigate learning portal. Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever suits you. Accessible on any device. Live tutorials are available for all our online delegates.

  • Up to 6 months
  • Totally Flexible

Intensive Bootcamp

This option, delivered over one week, allows you to rapidly become an accredited, certified director. This is an intensive deep-dive, immersive programme delivered live by our faculty tutors. This option is available for a limited period of time and it would suit someone who wants to be board ready in a week.

  • One Week
  • 7 hours per day

Personal Tutor

Join weekly sessions where our tutors will bring you and your classmates through the interactive and lively content for each module, live online. Each week you will have access to a bonus tutorial session where you get to pose questions and network with you cohort, facilitated by your faculty member.

  • 11 Weeks
  • 5-6 Hours per week

Membership included with your Diploma

As a delegate of the Diploma in Corporate Governance, you get free access to the Corporate Governance Institute membership programme, where you can network, connect, interact with and learn from your peers. You also get access to a range of templates and documents that are required boardroom materials. You will be in the company of the global leaders, a group of experienced senior executives and directors. As a member, you have access to exclusive content as well as upcoming boardroom and non-executive roles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

  • Aspiring company directors
  • Aspiring non-executive directors (NEDs)
  • Existing company directors
  • Company secretaries
  • Senior executives who report to boards
  • Risk management professionals
  • Compliance professionals
  • Sustainability officers (ESG)
  • Professionals who need to understand how boards work
  • Business professionals seeking a career change
  • Existing NEDs considering becoming a chair
  • Newly appointed company directors and board members
  • Investors who need to understand governance
  • Startup founders who will need to form a board
  • Directors and senior managers of SMEs
  • Directors and senior managers of enterprise organisations

What learning methods are used?

  • Videos and Case Studies;
  • Webinars; and
  • Support from both peers and lecturers.

Who is teaching this diploma?

Our faculty members are industry experts with an interest in teaching the next generation of directors and board members. Along with teaching, our lecturers are professionally involved in numerous types of businesses.



Diploma in Corporate Governance (EQF 5)


The Diploma in Corporate Governance is built on best practice global governance principles. This course is delivered by the Corporate Governance Institute, Tuning Fork is an official reseller for this course. This program is designed for existing directors, aspiring directors, senior executives who report to boards and professionals who need to know how boards work.

Course Price: €4,495 (Excl. VAT)