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The goal of any interview is for the employer to determine whether the candidate’s qualifications, experience, workplace preferences, and salary demands are appropriate for the position within an organization. It is more difficult for a remote interviewer to conduct and carry out those assessments. This also applies to investigators tasked with gathering information / evidence for use in civil and/or criminal proceedings.

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Learning Outcomes

Remote interviewing necessitates additional steps and preparation due to technological limitations.

Questions and responses must be carefully crafted to extract as much information as possible from the limited dynamism. Remote interviews cannot be conducted on the spur of the moment; they must be meticulously planned and executed.

Participants will learn the legal requirements and/or practical approaches to conducting effective, efficient, and, most importantly, confidential remote interviews.

Course Details


Mr. Terrence Norris will be the tutor. Terrence is a Co-Founder of Getgovernanz Malta, with extensive international and local (Malta) work experience in the private, public (government) and international organisations, most recently the United Nations as Chief, Office of Internal Oversight Services.


2.5 Hours (Online or Classroom)


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Remote Interviewing


Learn about the legal requirements and practical approaches to conducting effective, efficient interviews, as well as the overall significance of confidential remote interviews.

Course Fee: €100 per person (excl. VAT)