Short Course: Corporate Governance Architecture – The Essentials

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Corporate governance in any organisation would be ineffective if it didn’t have the appropriate structures and procedures in place. The governance architecture is a foundation stone of good corporate governance. Leaders who understand these structures, who know how a board should actually run, and who should be on the board, are in demand.

  • Fully understand the necessary elements for effective governance.
  • Confidently speak about how governance architecture aligns with your strategy and helps with stakeholders.
  • Be clear about the purpose and function of different board committees.

This course is ideal if you’re in a mid to senior-level role, or a Company Secretary who needs to know how to build an effective board architecture.

Course Outlines

Chapter 1

Introduction to governance architecture

  • What is governance architecture?
  • Developing governance architecture.
  • Preparing for success.

Chapter 2

The Board

  • Roles and responsibilities of the board.
  • Matters reserved for the board.

Chapter 3


  • Introduction to board committees.
  • Terms of reference for board committees.

Chapter 4

Types of Committees

  • Audit, finance and remuneration committees.
  • Nominations, governance and risk committees.
  • Limited-term task force.

Chapter 5

Executive Team

  • Understanding the organisation.
  • Terms of reference for activities of the executive team.

Chapter 6

Board Roles

  • Role of the chair.
  • Role of the senior independent director, non-executive director, and executive director.
  • Other board roles.

Course Details

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Start Date:



3 months

Study Option:

Fully online, fully flexible


  • Interactive quizzes
  • Case Studies
  • Faculty expert videos
  • Scenario challenge
  • Audio snippets


Online 60 minute assessment - Multiple choice style.

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Short Course: Corporate Governance Architecture – The Essentials


Take an in-depth look at what’s needed to develop the right governance structures for your organisation. Learn the frameworks and modules you need to build an effective board architecture.

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