Short Course: Digital Transformation for Directors

About the course

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Become the digital transformation expert on your board

Digital transformation is a key strategic issue for boards and directors as it affects all businesses, supply chains, value propositions, the working environment and business models.

The ability to harness digital transformation and put it to work is essential in today’s world.

As a leader, managing digital transformation requires you to be skilled in the management of businesses, technology, and innovation. Rapidly acquiring these new skills and knowledge is a must. You will learn from experienced leaders in digital transformation who specialise in training the next generation of directors on boards.

Course Outlines

What you will learn?

Bring your knowledge of digital transformation to the next level with this in depth insight into the latest trends, frameworks and practices.

Clearly understand the trends driving digital transformation

Be in a position to question your board on digital readiness. Be clear about the challenges involved in navigating a board through digital transformation while understanding the risks.

Current Thinking
Understand the digital transformation frameworks for managing key elements such as strategy, IT rollout, technology, people and data. Learn how to use these frameworks, how they operate in practice and to enable the board to oversee the transformation process.

Best Practices
Gain a firm understanding of organisational processes and user requirements, and their benefits to the organisation, such as:
• Agile technologies
• Design thinking
• Data literacy
• Cybersecurity

Key Technologies
Learn to exploit new digital opportunities such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain & distributed ledger.

Course Details

Start date:



3.5 hours study time

Study option:

Fully online, fully flexible


Online assessment, certification provided


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is for you if you are:

  • A director (executive or nonexecutive) who is looking to keep up to date with digital transformation.
  • A company secretary who wants to expand your knowledge of digital transformation.
  • A C-suite business leader who wants to enhance your skills and engage more meaningfully with your existing board.
  • An emerging/aspiring director who works in key governance reporting areas or a professional who wants to build a path towards C-suite leadership or a board position in the future.

Short Course: Digital Transformation for Directors


Digital transformation is a critical strategic issue affecting all businesses, supply chains, value propositions, the workplace, and business models. Utilize your knowledge to achieve the best results.

Develop the skills and knowledge to successfully manage business, technology, and innovation as the digital transformation expert in your organization.

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