Diploma in Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) – EQF Level 5

About the course

Tuning Fork is an official reseller of this course which is delivered by the Corporate Governance Institute.

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ESG is Redefining Global Standards

As a leader in ESG, you need to anticipate investors’ questions before they are asked, manage the associated risks and implement an appropriate ESG framework that will operate across the organisation.

The wait and see approach won’t work as investors are already favouring businesses with strong ESG credentials.

Businesses are at Risk
Consumers want to engage with businesses that are sustainable, responsible and ethical.

Shareholder Activism is on the Rise
The growing trend of environmentally and socially focused resolutions is putting pressure on boardrooms.

Bring a Unique Insight to ESG

Informed leaders recognize the opportunities that ESG presents. Take advantage of these opportunities to effect change. Your purpose as a leader is no longer seen as driving financial gain for your company’s shareholders. It is also about providing value to customers, investing in people, treating suppliers fairly, and giving back to the communities in which your company operates.

This Diploma in ESG will set you apart as a leader. You will understand the complexities of this emerging space and bring a unique perspective on what is needed to succeed within it.

Course Outlines

Course Modules:

Module 1: The History of ESG
You will gain a clear understanding of the background of E, S and G.

Module 2: The ESG Landscape
You will understand, in detail, the broad changing landscape of ESG and its implications to your career.

Module 3: ESG Investing
You will learn about the changes that are taking place within the investment community in relation to ethical and ESG investing.

Module 4: The Role of The Board and ESG
You will be clear about the board roles and responsibilities in delivering ESG.

Module 5: ESG and Business Strategy
You will learn how to develop your corporate sustainability strategy.

Module 6: ESG and Risk
You will understand how to manage and mitigate ESG risk using best-practice metrics.

Module 7: ESG and Data
You will learn how to optimise the use of ESG data across all aspects of your business.

Module 8: Corporate Governance and ESG
You will understand how your ESG framework supports and enhances your governance practices.

Module 9: ESG Reporting
You will learn how to accurately report your ESG data to support your strategic decisions, including Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Module 10 Leading a Sustainable Transformation
You will learn how to develop and implement a successful transition plan to ESG.

Course Details

Your qualification in ESG updates your skills and validates your knowledge. This diploma allows you to learn at your own pace, wherever you want and in your own time.


Online, self-paced


6 Months

50 Hours


10 Modules: 3 hours per module


2 Graded online assessments

Learn through a mix of:

  • Case studies;
  • Interactive exercises;
  • Written content; and
  • Videos.

This course is accredited by UK Qualifications Authority and European Qualifications Framework

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the speakers on this diploma?

Our global speakers are specialists in ESG and come from a wide variety of industries. As well as speaking frequently on ESG topics, they are also professionally involved in numerous types of businesses.

On this diploma, they will bring you through the most current and relevant case studies. You will learn about the latest thinking in ESG at leadership level.

I have a very busy schedule. Will I still be able to take this diploma?

This diploma is fully online and self-paced. You can learn at your own pace, in your own time, whenever and wherever it suits you. From the time you enroll on the diploma, you have six months to complete your studies.

I don’t work in ESG. Is this still relevant to me?

Definitely. This diploma is designed to demystify and define what it means to be a leader in ESG. It covers key concepts in ESG all the way through to in-depth analysis. You will develop your own personal brand as an ESG leader.

The case studies are real-world, practical and full of insights. Your resulting certification is globally recognised.

This diploma is ideal for leaders who wish to make a positive impact in their organisation, society and the environment.


Diploma in Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) – EQF Level 5


As a leader in ESG, you need to anticipate investors’ questions before they are asked, manage the associated risks and implement an appropriate ESG framework that will operate across the organisation. The Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) will give you the practical tools and techniques to become a qualified ESG leader. You will learn through a mix of written content, podcasts, interactive exercises and scenario challenges.

Course Price: €4,495 (excl. VAT)