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Why should you take this training course?

The PECB Lead Crisis Manager training course assists participants in developing their competence to assist an organization in planning, establishing, maintaining, reviewing, and constantly improving its strategic crisis management capability in accordance with ISO 22361 and other best practices. It also discusses the fundamental concepts and principles of crisis management, as well as the effective establishment and implementation of a crisis management framework.

In addition to explaining theoretical concepts related to crisis management, the training course includes practical examples and scenario-based quizzes to help you reinforce your knowledge and prepare for real-life crisis management scenarios.

Participants who want to attend this training course should have a fundamental understanding of crisis management concepts, framework, and process.

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Course Outlines

Course Agenda

Day 1: Introduction to ISO 22361 and crisis management

Day 2: Crisis management framework

Day 3: Crisis prevention and preparedness

Day 4: Crisis response and recovery

Day 5: Certification exam


The “PECB Certified Lead Crisis Manager” exam meets all the requirements of the PECB Examination and Certification Program (ECP). It covers the following competency domains:

Domain 1: Fundamental concepts and principles of crisis management

Domain 2: Establishing the crisis management framework

Domain 3: Crisis management prevention and preparedness

Domain 4: Crisis management response and recovery


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Up to 6 months


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After Examination

You'll be signed up to our PECB platform KATE where you will have access to all training procedures.

  • The training course price includes certification and examination fees.
  • Over 400 pages of information, practical examples, and quizzes will be provided to participants as part of the training course materials.
  • Participants who complete the training course will receive a certificate of completion worth 31 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits.
  • Participants who completed the training course but failed the exam are eligible for a free retake within a 12-month period of the initial exam date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Attend?

The Lead Crisis Manager training course is intended for:

  • Individuals responsible for the delivery of a crisis management capability in an organization
  • Individuals responsible for implementing a plan and structure for crisis management within the organization
    Crisis leader(s)
  • Members of crisis management teams
  • Individuals seeking to thoroughly understand crisis management
  • Individuals aiming to start or advance their careers in crisis management
  • Consultants, advisors, and professionals wishing to obtain in-depth knowledge of ISO 22361 guidelines on crisis management



Lead Crisis Manager – Self-Study


Obtain the necessary competence to guide and support organizations design and develop a crisis management capability based on ISO 22361 and other best practices for crisis management

Self-Study Course: €1,000 + VAT