Short Course: Getting your Next Non-Executive Director (NED) Role

About the course

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Become a Smarter and More Effective Leader

Organisations want to be advised by someone who has an honest mindset, an experienced viewpoint and the ability to challenge the norms. Become a non-executive director  NED) who can be relied on to bring the right qualities to the boardroom.

Explore your motivations for becoming a non-executive director. Discover your strengths and identify any weaknesses you need to address.

* Speak confidently about why you want to become a NED.
* Know how to build a strong personal brand and network.
* Be able to make an impact at your first board meeting.

This course is ideal if you’re an aspiring director looking to make a career as a nonexecutive director or if you’re a director looking to join another board.

Course Outlines

Chapter 1

Find your purpose

  • Understand your motivation to become a NED.
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Unique NED profiles.

Chapter 2

Promote yourself

  • Building your personal brand.
  • Networking in a virtual world.

Chapter 3

Perform due diligence

  • Due diligence on the nature of the legal entity.
  • Due diligence on the organisation.
  • Due diligence on the organisation’s financial performance.
  • Due diligence on the board and executives.

Chapter 4

Making an informed decision

  • The interview process.
  • Accepting your appointment to the board.
  • Making an impact.

Course Details

Give yourself a competitive advantage. This course is designed so you can study at a time and pace that suits you.

Start Date:



3 months

Study Option:

Fully online, fully flexible


  • Interactive quizzes
  • Faculty expert videos (where applicable)
  • Faculty expert audio snippets (where applicable)
  • Scenario challenge
  • Audio snippets


Online 60 minute assessment - Multiple choice style.

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Short Course: Getting your Next Non-Executive Director (NED) Role


Clearly understand how to plan your own personal career path to becoming a Non-Executive Director. Accelerate your career by being prepared for this challenging and rewarding role.

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