Energy Auditor – REWS Approved (MQF Level 6)

About the course

This is a 24-hour intensive program with an exam session on the last day.

The exercises will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. If the candidate achieves more than 60%, they are eligible to take the final exam.

This mark is weighted in the pre-course assessment. The final assessment accounts for 70% of the final grade and participants who receive an overall grade of more than 50% will be awarded a course completion certificate.

Those who attend but do not pass the examination will be given an attendance certificate.

Successful participants who meet the minimum pre-requisites outlined in GN 1302 of 2014, namely a MQF level 6 or higher qualification in Engineering or a related applied science, will be able to be certified as Energy Auditors by the Malta Resources Authority.

Course Outlines

Who Should Attend?

Employees from technical departments in the organisation with a good understanding of technical issues, skills and competences and a strong academic basis in English, Mathematics and Physics.

For quality assurance purposes, attendance is limited to a maximum of 10 participants per course or session. Applications are accepted on a first-come first-served basis. Terms & conditions apply.

Course Objectives

To obtain the competence, knowledge and skills required to be able to carry out energy audits in any organization based on the requirements of ISO 50002, LN 196 of 2014 and Government Notice 1302. By the end of the course, the successful participant will have all the theoretical training necessary to interpret ISO 50002 and carry out energy audits in an organization in line with these requirements.

Course Content

  • Introduction – why ISO 50002? Why legislation?
  • The Energy Auditor – professional competencies
  • Principles of Auditing
  • Overview of ISO 50001
  • Overview of ISO 14001
  • Establishing a Load Profile
  • Audit Process & Planning (Clause 5)
  • Detailed review of the energy consumption profile
  • Definitions
  • Audit Opening Meeting
  • Data Collection
  • Building a life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA)
  • Measurement Plan
  • Reliable identification of most significant opportunities for improvement
  • Conducting Site Visits
  • Analysis of Current Energy Performance
  • Energy & Water Agency (SEWCU) Briefing
  • Identification of Improvement Opportunities
  • Evaluation of Improvement Opportunities
  • Validated calculations and tracking performance
  • Energy Audit Reporting
  • Audit Report Content
  • Audit Closing Meetings
  • Audit Types and Client Assessment Needs
  • Written Examination


This course is rated MQF Level 6 by the MFHEA. Delegates successfully completing the course will receive a Certificate of Completion and be listed of the REWS website as an approved Energy Auditor.

Course Details


24 Hours


08:30 till 17:00


Monday 11 March 2024


Wednesday 13 March 2024


  • Delegate Manual
  • Course Handouts and Materials
  • Examination
  • Certificate
  • Listing on the REWS website approved EA List
  • Get Qualified Scheme tax credit (70%) subject to application


Fee: €1,500 + VAT. The fee includes all course materials, the examination, and a certificate.

This course is listed on the Get Qualified Scheme and eligible for tax credits, subject to application by the student. 

A copy/scan/image of your MQF Level 6 (degree) must be submitted together with the registration or by email.

You may proceed to register by completing and submitting the Booking Form or request a registration form by email to: or call 2137 7934.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a REWS Energy Auditor cover audits of Buildings?

REWS Energy Auditor is NOT a course that certifies a building’s environmental performance and issues an EPC certificate for the building. The latter is managed by EPC and has no relation to or connection to the Tuning Fork course as listed by REWS.

The Tuning Fork Energy Auditor – REWS Approved (MQF Level 6), is a course where a technical person is certified to be able to carry out an audit on the energy use and consumption performance of an organisation's systems and processes.


Energy Auditor – REWS Approved (MQF Level 6)


This is an intensive 24-hour programme with the exam session on the last day.

Successful participants who have the minimum pre-requisites in terms of GN 1302 of 2014, a qualification of MQF level 6 or higher in Engineering or in a related Applied Science would then be able to be certified as Energy Auditors with the Malta Resources Authority.

Course Fee: €1,500 (excl. VAT)