About the course

With this training, your business can feel confident in learning all about the risks involved with operating Forklifts.

Course Outlines

The theoretical training will cover:

  • Legal obligations for the Employer and Employee;
  • PPE;
  • Working with Pallets;
  • Handling Pallets: Do’s and Don’ts;
  • Pallet Tables;
  • Palletizers;
  • High Lift Pump Trucks;
  • Conclusion and References.

Theory will be followed by practical exercises.

Training is suitable for who are responsible for driving a forklift truck as part of their daily activities as well as for new drivers who are inexperienced and do not have a certificate of competency to operate a forklift truck. Our training can be tailored to your specific industry and forklift type.


Because it makes sense for operators to be trained on the specific type of forklift truck that they use on a daily basis, the practical sessions will be held at your facility's yard/warehouse environment, using a forklift truck in good working order and a properly loaded pallet that you will supply.

Course Details


  • 2 Hours (without practical exercises)
  • 4 Hours (with practical exercises)



  • Certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of the training



  • Upon request

Forklift Training


The objective of this Forklift training course is to provide learners with a grasp of the safe principles of operating a fork lifter, as well as the dangers and procedures involved. It is also suitable for anyone who wants a refresher on the safe operation of a Fork Lifter.

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