Corporate Sustainability and Technological Innovations

About the course

This training program’s goal is to give management and staff with a thorough grasp of business sustainability. Emphasis will focus on utilising technical breakthroughs to achieve environmental, social, and economic goals.

It will also look at the financial implications of putting sustainable initiatives in place, such as cost savings and return on investment.

Participants will obtain an understanding of important sustainability principles. They will learn about cutting-edge technologies, and investigate practical solutions for implementing sustainable practices inside their firm. This course will investigate the sustainability challenges and opportunities that are unique to your particular sector.

Course Outlines

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Corporate Sustainability
  • Sustainable Business Practices – Challenges and Opportunities
  • Technology and Sustainability
  • Financial Aspects of Sustainability
  • Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Integrating Sustainability into Business Strategy
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Data Analytics and Sustainability Reporting
  • Implementing Sustainability Initiatives
  • Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Case Studies and Group Exercises

This is a general outline, and the training program can be customised based on the specific needs and objectives of an organisation.

Course Details


In-person training


The program can be structured as a one-day workshop or a series of sessions spread over multiple days, depending on the depth of coverage desired.


For course fees of groups: minimum 8 or to maximum 15 delegates, please request a quote.

Training is eligible for Investing in Skills Funding

"Remember, sustainability is a continuous journey, and ongoing education and awareness are essential for fostering a sustainable corporate culture."

Corporate Sustainability and Technological Innovations


Learn about cutting-edge technologies and study practical methods for integrating sustainable practices within your organisation.

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