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The course is fully accredited by the British Quality Foundation



Lean Six Sigma provides a rigorous and structured approach to help manage and improve quality and performance. It is the most widely used approach to solve business problems across every kind of business throughout the world.

The objective of the two day Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt programme is to provide an introduction to Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques enabling delegates to be members of improvement teams or to lead small improvement projects themselves. The course leads to certification through the British Quality Foundation where required. This is an interactive-workshop style course with lots of discussion and learn-by-doing group activities.

Course Outlines

Outcomes for your business

Yellow Belts are key in building the foundations of the operational excellence culture which works with management to sustain process performance and drive ongoing Continuous Improvement.

Outcomes for your Personal Development

Following successful demonstration of application of the training completion, you will have ability to apply continuous improvement tools with confidence in your workplace and the option to be certified by the British Quality Foundation with the ensuing recognition and career advancement opportunities.


The course follows the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC project structure


  • Improvement Charter and Problem Statement
  • Understanding customers (VOC)
  • Understanding the process (SIPOC)


  • Process stapling and mapping
  • Customer focused measurement
  • Operational definitions
  • Data collection
  • Introduction to control charts


  • Fishbone diagrams and 5 Whys
  • Pareto Charts
  • Value add and non-value add process steps
  • Moments of truth
  • The 7/8 Wastes
  • Bottlenecks


  • Creativity techniques
  • Improving flow and reducing batch size
  • 5S
  • Risk Analysis and error proofing (poka-yoke)


  • Control plans
  • Process management charts
  • Visual management
  • Holding the gain


All classroom delegates receive:

  • Access to Catalyst’s online Yellow Belt video library covering the entire course content for 12 months
  • Printed and pdf copy of the course slides
  • The Lean Six Sigma Improvement Journey Book
  • The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide
  • Downloadable Green/Yellow Belt project Tools and Templates
  • A downloadable pack of templates
  • Yellow Belt online exam
    *self-study online delegates receive the above in soft copy format

Course Details


2 Days


Upon request


  • Self-Study Online;
  • Virtual Open Classroom
  • In-Company Training (for more than 4 delegates)


BQF Yellow Belt multiple choice open book exam

Frequently Asked Questions


Definitely for you if you:

  • You would like a detailed introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • You would like to be able to make significant independent contributions as a Lean Six Sigma Green or Black Belt project team member
  • You would like to be able to run your own tightly focused “mini” improvement projects
  • You would like to learn, in an experiential way, a comprehensive set of continuous improvement tools which you could put to immediate use in your day to day activities and project work

What are the prerequisites?

None – this course assumes no prior knowledge of Lean Six Sigma. You do not need Minitab software to complete this programme as many Green Belt projects, particularly in non-manufacturing environments do not require the level of statistical training which would involve statistical software. However, there are free to use graphical tools on the Catalyst website which are included in the training.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt


This two-day programme provides the route to attaining benchmark British Quality Foundation Yellow Belt Certification. It provides an introduction to the Lean Six Sigma approach and tools, equipping delegates to be members of improvement teams and to lead small improvement projects themselves

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