People in Project Management

About the course

Unlock your potential in people-centric project management. Enhance team performance and stakeholder management. Imporve your communication skills, and gain experience in conflict management.

This training can be tailored based on your organisation’s needs, vision and strategies.

Enjoy the benefits of tailored programs

  • Competencies: Adding the most value by personalising training to develop competencies with the greatest impact on organisational performance.
  • Effectiveness: Improve project performance and success by training the project team on real-world business scenarios that they confront on a regular basis.
  • Teamwork: The interactive hands-on training offers an opportunity to create a better bond between colleagues and boost the teamwork spirit withing the organisation

Course Outlines

Value Delivered:

This course focuses on people management - one of the larger gaps in the global market.

  • Builds managers and team leads capability to deliver through their team members.
  • Raises leaders self awareness.
  • Assists professional to recognise and manage unconscious bias.
  • Builds organisational empathy. The most important cultural attribute within an organisation.
  • Empowers managers and leaders to handle difficult conversations effectively.
  • Improves project performance.
  • Creates a positive culture in the organisation that is focused on people.

Suggested Audience:

  • Project Managers.
  • Senior Managers that work in a project based environment.
  • Team leaders and Senior Team members.
  • Project Team Members that mentor or supervise junior colleagues.

Course Details


In-person training



Subjects Covered:

  • Team performance Management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communication
  • Project managers as leaders
  • Conflicts management


For course fees of groups up to 6 or 12 delegates, please request a quote.

Training is eligible for Investing in Skills Funding

People in Project Management


This 24-hour training course is tailored training that is based on your organisation’s needs, vision and strategies. Ideal for small groups of up to 6 or bigger groups of up to 12.

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