Project Management Fundamentals (32 Hours)

About the course

Master project management essentials and increase your effectiveness in project-based organsations. Learn key components, processes, and how to join project teams. Boost your career with this comprehensive training program.

This training can be tailored based on your organisation’s needs, vision and strategies.

Enjoy the benefits of tailored programs

  • Competencies: Adding the most value by personalising training to develop competencies with the greatest impact on organisational performance.
  • Effectiveness: Improve project performance and success by training the project team on real-world business scenarios that they confront on a regular basis.
  • Teamwork: The interactive hands-on training offers an opportunity to create a better bond between colleagues and boost the teamwork spirit withing the organisation

Course Outlines

Value Delivered:

This course bridges the common knowledge gap between project managers and team members. Hence, increases teams buy-in to effective project management. Improves estimation competencies and accuracy within the team. Reduces the risk of project scope creep. Increases project quality. Increases the effectiveness of project risk management. Assists junior project managers in their journey to become the leaders they wish they had. Prepares professional individuals to excel in the project economy world.

Introduction to Project Management components - Exercises, games, and hands-on challenges - Necessary knowledge to join a project team.

Suggested Audience:

Projects team members, Team Leads, Technical leads, or Functional leads, Professionals that aspire to be Project Managers, Junior project managers, Project managers who would like to refresh their knowledge, Professionals who would like to start building their project management knowledge.

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In-person training


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Training is eligible for Investing in Skills Funding

Project Management Fundamentals (32 Hours)


This Project Management Fundamentals training program enhances an organisation’s project management processes while also preparing individuals to flourish in the project economy. Ideal for small groups of up to 6 or bigger groups of up to 12.

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