What is competence training?

competencyNot just a fancy word. Following the rigorous intellectual spirit of the Academy (Akademeia) founded by Plato in Ancient Greece, competence training challenges the conventional notion of training within the workplace.

It might be a fact commonly concealed in the professional closet, but if you mention the word “training” you can be certain that it will be met with indifference – or even strike a note of dread – among workers, and it is no wonder! Most training programmes on the market are a one-size-fits-all product. While they may have good intentions, the two golden goals of training often are not reached:

• Gaining new knowledge, expertise or insight
• Applying it in the right context to improve performance

This is what good training should accomplish and what competence training is all about.


How can your organisation benefit?

Inspired by the legacy of Western wisdom, our courses offer personalised solutions that go straight to the heart of the matter, identifying the real weaknesses in the individual or team and meeting the organisation’s needs and goals.

Instead of draining your company’s training budget on sessions that do not deliver measurable results, Tuning Fork’s courses are conceived to add true value to your investment in training. Forget past paradigms; we focus exclusively on bridging gaps in competence and promoting the growth of your team as a whole.

Our courses are designed to build your team players’ key skills and extend the reach of their knowledge and competence across critical areas. Our training engages employees on both a personal level and as a team level. With this approach, our trainees can immediately grasp their potential for continuous improvement and apply the newly acquired skills and competences in their workplace and share them with their teams.


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