Anti Money Laundering (AML)

About the course

Despite the laws, the compliance departments, the enormous fines, and penalties, money laundering has not stopped one bit. Billions are still moving across borders, in many asset classes, and in many forms. Money moves as part of crimes or corruption, street crime, to avoid currency controls. New techniques warp the definition of money and how value can move. We will discuss recent cases, some larger cases and examine the impacts of the AML Laws and Compliance.

Course Outlines

The course objective is to provide staff who have responsibilities in one or more  of AML, KYC, regulatory / compliance functions with knowledge that will enhance their effectiveness and efficiency.  The course is planned for two online sessions of approximately  4 .0 hours each.

The course includes elements of our more substantive’ Due Diligence Master Class’ course that was recently delivered to participants from; FIAU, MFSA, MBR, Gaming (Authorities) and one of the leading local banks.

The course will look into legal/regulatory requirements, KYC procedures, AML procedures, technological capabilities and tips of how one should think outside of the box.

Course Details


The course will be delivered by a mix of international, local and technological experts in these fields.

Mr. Burke Files – President of the AACI

Dr. Charles Cassar – Founder of

Mr. Andrew Naudi – Director at Getgovernanz

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • 8 Hours
  • Online or Classroom

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  • 20th May 2022

It is recommended that the 'Anti Money-Laundering', 'Fraud Awareness' and 'Fraud Detection' Courses are taken together as a four day training session as these course are complimentary and provide a more holistic view of the topics discussed. The courses are planned and scheduled to be provided as a four day course.


Anti Money Laundering (AML)