Short Course: The Board’s Role in Organisational Culture

About the course

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Become a Smarter and More Effective Leader

An organisation’s culture must be strong enough to support rapid transformation and match the way their workforce wants to work. Become a leader who can be relied on to help shape your organisation’s culture and align it with your strategic goals.

* Speak confidently about organisational culture and its importance.
* Use proven tools to start building a good corporate culture.
* Be able to identify early indicators of a toxic culture.

This course is ideal if you’re in a mid to senior-level role where you need to know if your organisation is doing the right things when it comes to culture.

Course Outlines

Chapter 1

Main concepts

  • Understanding culture.
  • Organisational culture and the board.
  • Organisational subcultures.
  • Culture in the workplace.

Chapter 2

Cultural characteristics

  • Leading from the front and aligning values.
  • Openness and transparency.
  • Embedding and integrating.
  • Consistency and accountability.
  • Measurement and balance of interests.

Chapter 3

Shaping culture

  • The toxic board.
  • The relationship between the CEO and chair.

Chapter 4

Cultural diagnostics

  • Introduction to a cultural diagnostic.
  • Evaluating the culture of your organisation.

Chapter 5

Culture and ethics

  • Code of ethics.
  • Ethics in practice.

Course Details

Give yourself a competitive advantage. This course is designed so you can study at a time and pace that suits you.

Start Date:



3 months

Study Option:

Fully online, fully flexible


  • Interactive quizzes
  • Case studies (where applicable)
  • Faculty expert videos
  • Faculty expert audio snippets (where applicable)
  • Scenario challenge
  • Audio snippets
  • Documents (where applicable)


Online 60 minute assessment - Multiple choice style.

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Short Course: The Board’s Role in Organisational Culture


Gain a solid understanding of the importance of aligning the culture of the board with the organisation. Learn about the role of the board in shaping culture and providing a strong moral

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